Talofa and Welcome

Hon. Taukelina Finikaso

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labour.

I am thrilled and forever thankful to the assistance of the Government of New Zealand for this initiative in setting up websites for smaller Pacific Island countries participating in the NZ RSE Scheme. In this highly connected world an employer in the beautiful orchards and farms of New Zealand can access information on workers and Tuvalu, just by a click of a button. This website has eliminated many of the hurdles we have experienced in the past, by recruiting the best from Tuvalu and showcasing what we have to offer in terms of seasonal employment schemes. Tuvalu does not have many natural resources and many will consider us not a rich country, but Tuvalu is rich in culture through its people. With a working pool in the area of fisheries, seasonal employment and other sectors, Tuvalu’s major recourse is its human capacity. It is the main reason why my Government is committed to the RSE Scheme and will continue to support efforts to improve and expand such initiatives. My highly trained staff in the Tuvalu Department of Labour are so thrilled to have this initiative assist their daily work and I again would like to thank all those involved in the development of this website and again show my sincere appreciation to the Government and the People of New Zealand for their kind assistance.





Those who want to apply under RSE will register with the Department of Labour, they will have to provide a copy of either passport or birth certificate,  1 passport photo and 1 full body length photo, CV, Copies of any certificates or qualifications obtained.



The information in Step 1 will be made into profiles and submitted to the selection panel that includes Island community leaders and representative from the Department of Labour.



DoLabour receives ATR from MBIE office, DoLabour will liaise with the Employer on preferences on recruiting whether DoL will do the recruiting or Employer is willing to carry out recruitment with assistance form DoLabour.



Recruitment is made, normally Employer would prefer to pay for air fares for workers upfront for both way and workers will repay while working on contract.



Visa applications are prepared i.e, passports, passport photos, chest X-rays, visa fees, air fares, advance money, sign contracts, visa application forms. Once ready applications are sent to THC in Suva to be lodged. Standard turn around time is 14 working days.



Pre-departure orientation is delivered to the group of workers expecting to depart for NZ.


Ko matou ko oti ne go through from STEP 1 of the whole process mo Ativalu and Serena. Kaea kati ko oti ne pei ne laua la info ne fai tasi matou kiei last time ne mai o gather la information i cone. Me ne leva kii fui saga mai set up tou database system me ne saga mua o na fai te mea a Samoa kae gali la ite proposal ia Tuvalu ne avake hahah.


Io kaati la kona mea maua o fakaoko atu kae ko aku soft copies kona katoa loa e Sima i te PC tena aku mua ko oti ne fakaasi ne au kia Papeku me tena e use ne ia te PC tena kae in case e galo e isi foki konei ne save ne au i taku hard drive ma manako koe kiei.


ka toe isi ko fakailoa mai manuia te afiafi

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